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Day in Tech History: October 6th

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A group of public and university librarians establish the American Library Association to promote the enjoyment of reading.


The Ohio Art company, later manufacturer of the Etch-A-Sketch, is founded by Henry Simon Winzeler.


Edwin H. Armstrong is granted a patent for a “Wireless Receiving System,” in which he describes his regenerative circuit, otherwise knowns as a feed-back circuit. (US No. 1,113,149)


Lotus Development goes public after recording revenues of US$12.8 million in the previous twelve months. The company was founded by Mitch Kapor and Jonathan Sachs in 1982, and it was vaulted to success by the release of the spreadsheet program, Lotus 1-2-3. Lotus 1-2-3 bypasses the operating system of the IBM PC, making it much faster than its competitors.


Microsoft announces Microsoft Windows 2.0 and Microsoft Windows/386. Price: US$195 Microsoft unveils the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software for Microsoft Windows 2.0, the first major application for Windows.


Intel releases the 200Mhz version of the Pentium Processor.


Michael Dell suggests that Apple be shut down. Gil Amelio had been ousted and Apple is searching for its next CEO. Steve Jobs was asked to to fill the position, but many felt that Jobs wasn’t an appropriate choice, Dell among them. When he was asked at an industry conference what he thought Apple should do, Dell replied, “What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.” Whether the response is a sincere educated opinion or competitive bravado isn’t clear. By Friday, January 13, 2006, Dell’s US$71.97 billion market cap is exceeded by Apple’s US$72.13 billion market cap, and Apple’s performance will continue to significantly surpass Dell’s.


At the Sega New Challenge Conference in Tokyo, Sega debuts the Dreamcast video game system.

Creative Labs lowers the price of the 12MB 3D Blaster Voodoo2, a graphics accelerator card, to US$199.99 minus a US$50 mail-in rebate. The 8MB version is repriced to US$109.99 minus a US$30 rebate.

Intel announced the 450MHz version of its Pentium II Xeon processor, designed for use in dual-processor workstations and servers.

Microsoft releases Visual J++ 6.0 Java development software. Price: US$109 (Standard Edition) US$549 (Professional Edition)

Microsoft Corp. today introduced its first telephone, the Microsoft® Cordless Phone System, which uses the power of the PC to deliver unprecedented flexibility and ease for customizing call management and message services. Microsoft Call Manager software performs a variety of call-management functions. Microsoft Cordless Phone System is scheduled to be available in November 1998 at an estimated retail price of $199.95.


The United States Justice Department reveals that it has spent US$12.6 million in total litigation expenses in the antitrust case against the Microsoft Corporation since 1989.

Yahoo! launches Yahoo! Mexico.


Charter Communications becomes the first cable internet provider to challenge the RIAA use of provision 512(h) of the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (OCILLA), which deals with identify infringers, when it files for a motion to quash the subpoenas filed by the RIAA to identify one hundred fifty of its customers. Although Charter Communications will initially lose this motion and turn over the identities of the requested customers, a later appeal will rule that the motion to quash should have been upheld.


The High Court of Australia rules that it is legal to install modification chips in a PlayStation 2 that allows the console to play imported and copied games.


A new portable device is designed to help pediatricians and family practitioners detect children's vision problems early with a quick, non-invasive eye exam. The PediaVision Assessment Solution shines an infared light 3 feet away from the subject. Depending on refractive ability, the light could show on the eyes in a different color.

eBay purchases “Bill me Later” for 390 Million. The auction site then lays off 1,000 employees.

A laptop with strategic campaign information is missing after a break-in at a GOP regional office in Missouri last week. AMD splits their company. AMD Design and AMD Manufacturing


Microsoft launches the Windows Mobile App store. This would be bundled into the Mobile 6.5 operating system. Applications like Shazam (music tag detection software) becomes available.


Google launches Google TV, and the Logitech Revue, which is available for pre-order. This is Google's Over the Top Television solution. Revue Price: $300

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