October 30

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Day in Tech History: October 30th

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In the United States, today is National Candy Corn Day as well as Mischief Night, which, is also known as Devil’s Night in some areas.

It is also Mischief Night (or Devil's Night) where people would play pranks on neighbors.


69230 Hermes passes within 485,000 miles of Earth, the closest approach to the Earth of any asteroid. It was discovered and photographed by Karl Reinmuth. Within five days of its discover, it will pass outside of observation distance, until it will be re-discovered in 2003.


Orson Welles panics the nation with radio broadcast of the Mercury Theatre radio adaptation of “The War of the Worlds” by H. G. Wells. The panic spreads largely due to the large number of listeners who tune into the program ten minutes late, when the rival radio network’s popular The Edgar Bergen Show features a horrible singing performance. These listeners miss the opening advisory that the program is a purely imaginative rendering from a novel.


Viewtron, one of the first videotext services, is launched by AT&T and Knight-Ridder in Miami, Florida. The service features news from the Associated Press and Miami Herald, as well as banking services.


The first fibre-optic cable across the English Channel goes into service.


(NEC) releases the first 16-bit home entertainment system, the PC-Engine, otherwise known as TurboGrafx-16, in Japan. The system features an 8 bit HuC6280A CPU, 8KB RAM, and 64KB VRAM.


At the Internet World Conference in Boston, Borland International Inc., Intuit Inc., Lotus Development Corp., Macromedia Inc., and Spyglass Inc. announce plans to license Java.

Oracle announces its WebSystem, suite of Internet software which includes a Java-compatible browser.


DSPC and Proxim announce plans to merge in a deal valued at US$400 million. This is to attempt to expand wireless solutions. The merger Dissolves in Nov.

The first version of Enlightenment, a free open source window manager for the X Window System, is released by Carsten Haitzler, known by the handle “Raster” or “Rasterman.”


IBM unveils a 300MHz Aptiva E Series model D1N, which will be available in stores in November. Price: US$599 Microsoft re-releases Office 97 Service Release 2. The update had been released a month ago, but distribution was suspended to correct occasional improper installations.

NASAA - The North American Securities Administrators Association debugs a “glitch” that erroneously sent multiple automated e-mail replies to people who submitted fraudulent on-line stock offers received through spam through the report form at http://www.cyberfraudnasaa.org.


Yahoo! launches Yahoo! Buzz Index, a service that displays the keyword searches data collected from Yahoo!search log files. Visit the web service.


Microsoft releases the Works Suite 2002 software package, which includes Word 2002, Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2002, Money 2002 Standard, Picture It! Photo 2002, Streets & Trips 2002, and Works 6.0. Price: US$109

Version 6.2 of the Netscape web browser is released.


Nintendo releases a dial-up modem and a network adapter for the GameCube. Price: US$35


McAffe announces they will purchase ScanAlert for $51 Million

The Mother of the infamous “Baby dancing to Prince” YouTube Video Sues Prince

The Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor announces “Take my Music”. Reznor left the traditional music industry earlier in the month.

Google announces “OpenSocial”


YouTube co-founder and CEO Chad Hurley announced he was leaving YouTube.

AdMob founder Omar Hamoui also annoumced he was leaving the Google bought company.


Ashton Kutcher takes a job with Lenovo as product engineer

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