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Day in Tech History: October 23rd

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The first AED program was compiled in a compatible time-sharing system using the Bootstrap Language compiler.


The BBC announces the development of world’s first teletext service, which will later be renamed Ceefax, and outlines a series of tests of the system. Ceefax is a news service for the deaf that is the forerunner of early Internet news services. The system uses spare lines in the vertical blanking interval of the television signal to carry information for display on television receivers via a decoder. The BBC will first launch the system on September 23, 1974.


A new service that caters to Texas Instruments, Inc.’s TI-99/4a home computer users is offered on The Source online network. TexNet offers graphics animations, music, sound effects, synthesized speech, and exclusive software downloads for members. Users are invited to sign up for just US$100 plus hourly fees of US$7.75 or US$5.75 on weekends. The service will be continued for less than four years due to the cost of maintaining it, the difficulty in keeping the service state-of-the-art without Xmodem protocols, and low access speeds.


The first court-ordered wiretap on a computer network is approved for use on the computer of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences during the last two months of 1995 to be used in the prosecution of an Argentine man accused of breaking into Harvard University computers in order to crack into numerous other computers at various US military sites across the country, including the Navy Research Laboratory, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Ames Research Center, the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center. Law enforcement agencies have frequently conducted electronic surveillance on computer systems in the past with the consent of the users, but this case marks the first time such a wiretap has been court-ordered. The authorization was deemed necessary because Harvard computer systems do not inform users logging onto the system that their communications may be monitored. On March 29, 1996, Julio Cesar Ardita, age 21, of Buenos Aires will be charged with unlawfully intercepting electronic communications over a military computer and damaging files on a military computer. In return for Ardita’s agreement to come voluntarily to the United States (without extradition proceedings), he will be sentenced to three years probation and a fine of US$5,000.


The Digital Equipment Corporation demonstrates the Digital 21264 Alpha processor operating at 500MHz.

Download.com - a website that catalogs free, freeware, shareware and paid applications - launches by CNet.


NEC Computer releases twenty-six models of the PC98-NX series, the first industry-standard (Windows/Intel) machines produced by the company. NEC also releases fifteen new models in its proprietary PC98 series.

Yahoo!completes the acquisition of Four11, the producer of RocketMail free webmail service, for US$92 Million.


Microsoft is forced to shut down a website offering Money 98 upgrades to qualified users after discovering that customers are gaining access to other users’ registration forms when mistyping their own. Microsoft states that the site host, Softbank Services Group, normally requires a secondary input for verification, but the step had been overlooked in this case.


Apple Computer releases Mac OS 9 for Macintosh computers, featuring Sherlock 2, an Internet shopping application. Apple will market the system as “the Best Internet Operating System Ever.” Price: US$99


The pan-European Gigabit Research and Education Network (GÉANT) becomes operational, replacing the TEN-155 network. Yahoo! launches Yahoo! Essentials.


Apple introduces the iPod portable music player. This first model features a 5GB capacity, FireWire connectivity, and a mechanical scroll wheel. The device requires the Mac OS 9 or higher to sync with a computer. Visit the device’s official website. Code-name: Dulcimer


Michael Hanscom took a picture on Microsoft's dock bay. The picture included 2 palates of Apple G5 Mac Pro computers - one which slipped off the palate. Microsoft fired Hanscom citing a security violation.


Dell announces new AMD-based servers, the PowerEdge 6950 and the PowerEdge SC1435, marking its entry into the AMD-based server-marketplace.


Carl Icahn, the man who put a lawsuit together when the Yahoo - Microsoft bid failed (and was given a seat on the board in August, 2008) has resigned from the board of directors.


The Steve Jobs official biography is released


Google experiments with banner ads on their website. The Internet is outraged, citing a blog post from (then Google Employee) Marissa Mayer those types of ads will never be on Google.

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