October 16

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Day in Tech History: October 16th

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The Walt Disney Company is founded by Walt Disney and his brother, Roy Disney.


FORTRAN, is released by IBM ead by John W. Backus.


Microsoft Service Pack 1 for Windows NT 4.0. is released


The Web Copyright Law is signed by US President Bill Clinton. An infringement of property valued at US$1,000 or more may be prosecuted even if the violator does not profit from the crime. Penalties range from US$100,000-US$250,000. For infringements against properties estimated to be worth more than US$2,500, a jail term of up to three years may be imposed. A second offense may result in a jail term of up to six years. What this translates to is that previously questionable but prosecutable filesharing is made illegal and prosecutable.


Dwango (Dial-up Wide-Area Network Game Operation), a “pay-for-play” online gaming service lays off all of their employees and closes their headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. files suit against Amazon alleging that the popular online bookseller is integrating proprietary technology from their inventory tracking systems.


Version 2.0 of the Python programming language is released.


Apple Computer releases the iBook G3 Dual USB Late 2001, a minor update on the iBook G3 Dual USB, featuring a 600 MHz PowerPC G3 processor, a 256 KB L2 cache, 64 or 128MB RAM, a 15GB Hard Disk, and Mac OS X 10.1.

Yahoo!launches the Yahoo!Shopping Network & Yahoo!Warehouse.


Microsoft admits to being hacked. The security breach took place on a server that hosts Microsoft’s Windows beta community, allowing more than twenty-thousand Windows users a chance to test software that is still in development.


Apple Computer releases a version of its iTunes software for Windows. Visit the official iTunes website.


The creation of the heaviest man-made element, Ununoctium-294, is announced by researchers from Russia’s Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (JINR) and the US Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The results are published in the journal Physics Review. The element, when later confirmed, will be the first man-made noble gas, below Radon on the periodic table. The new element is the result of the collision of accelerated calcium ions with atoms of the man-made heavy element Californium, and it exists barely a millisecond before decaying into element 114, then element 112, and then, splitting in half.

The KSpread Team releases version 1.6 of the KSpread free software spreadsheet application.


Napster releases v.4 of their software


Yahoo begins rolling out “Universal Profile” giving users limited customizations


Richard and Mayumi Heene put together a helium gas balloon, which got away with them, and their son Falcon was supposedly inside the craft. "Balloon Boy" was a flight that covered 50 miles and three counties in Colorado. When it came down, nobody was in the detached object. The next day they found the boy at home. However, with national attention, the father messed up on a national interview and an investigation followed, which concluded the family created this hoax. Richard was sentenced to 90 days, Mayumi to 20 days of weekend jail, and the family ordered to pay $36,000 in restitution.

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