October 11

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Day in Tech History: October 11th

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IBM 1311 Disk Storage Drive IBM

introduces the IBM 1440 data processing system, featuring a major achievement in data storage technology, the IBM 1311 disk storage drive with disk packs. IBM proclaims it is “one of the most important new products we have ever announced.” The 1311 is about the size and shape of a top-loading washing machine and stores two million characters on a removable IBM 1316 disk pack. Each disk pack is four inches high, weighs ten 10 pounds (4.5 kg), and contained six disks fourteen inches in diameter with ten recording surfaces.


Visicalc, the first killer app for personal computers, is released by Dan Bricklin. The spreadsheet application transformed personal computers from hobbies to serious business tools nearly overnight. While VisiCalc is the first electronic spreadsheet, Bricklin will not patent the system. So, soon after more sophisticated clones, including SuperCalc (1980), Microsoft’s MultiPlan (1982), and Lotus 1-2-3 (1983), will soon be released by larger companies. Visit the developer’s official website.


Mathematicians use a network of computers in the United States, Europe, and Australia to factor a one hundred digit number for the first time. The number is factored in less than a month. It is a significant in cryptography because the accomplishment demonstrates that it is feasible to solve factoring problems using many computers working in parallel. It is also demonstrates that cryptographers must use even larger numbers to maintain the security of modern encryptions.


Czechoslovakia (.cs) connects to EARN/BitNet. The .cs domain will be deleted in 1993/


IBM announces that the release name of the next OS/2 version will be “OS/2 Warp”.


ICWHEN.COM launches the Eye Site Award, a recognition program for Internet Web Sites that support classic gaming or computing. The first recipient of the awarf is AtariHQ.com, operated by John Hardie and Keita Iida.


Microsoft releases Office 2001 (version 9.0) for Macs. The suite includes Excel 5, PowerPoint 4, and Word 2001.


The Polaroid Corporation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.


Qualcomm and the Mozilla Foundation announce that “future versions of Eudora will be based upon the same technology platform as the open source Mozilla Thunderbird email program.” Code-name: Penelope


EA purchases two game development companies, BioWare and Pandemic Studios for 860 Million


Myley Cyrus announces she quit Twitter via a YouTube video. In the video, she cries about why she cannot tweet anymore.


Windows Phone 7 is released. Dell, HTC, Samsung and LG all release phones with the new OS. Price: $199 Robert Galvin, former CEO of Motorola passes away

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