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Day in Tech History: Nov 8th

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The Bodleian Library was established at the University of Oxford in Oxford, England.


The Hubbell plug and socketThe first U.S. patent for a separable electric attachment plug is issued to Harvey Hubbell of Bridgeport, Connecticut. (US No. 774,250) It screws into a light socket so that homes with the new electric lighting technology could also make use of other useful appliances.


While experimenting with electricity, Wilhelm Röntgen discovers the X-ray at Würzburg University.


The first large machine switching exchange in the Bell system is brought into service in Norfolk, Virginia. This exchange uses the step-by-step system and is installed by the Automatic Electric Company of Chicago for the Bell System.


Experimental television transmissions with 180 lines of resolution are broadcast on short wave from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.


The world’s first battle in which a jet plane shoots down another jet plane takes place at about 10:00am, early in the Korean War during a raid near the Yalu River separating Korea and China. A group of about ten silver Soviet MiG-15 jet fighters approached the American bombers and were confronted by the four US fighter jets escorting the bombers, Lockheed F-80 Shooting Stars. Within about five minutes one MiG is destroyed, another is damaged, and the rest were in retreat. None of the US jets were damaged. US Air Force Lieutenant Robert Brown is credited with being the first pilot to take down another jet fighter.


The firs German satellite, Azur, is launched on a mission to examine the aurora, the Van Allen belts, and solar particles, as they effect the upper atmosphere.


The Philips/MCA optical audio disc is first demonstrated in London, England. The disc features a capacity for thirty minutes’ worth of music per side.


Scientists at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology announces the discovery of a fifteenth moon orbiting the planet Saturn by the Voyager I spaceprobe.


Kenneth Vance, age 18, scores 4,999,993 points on Atari’s Tempest after playing the game for three hours and five minutes at the Tilt Arcade in Las Vegas, Nevada. A New York Federal Court judge issues a temporary injunction against Commodore International, preventing the company from making and selling joysticks that the court has ruled are imitations of Atari’s signature joysticks.


Corel releases the version 5.1 of the WordPerfect wordprocessor for Windows.

The first Turing Test in the world was held at the Boston Computer Museum. The Turing Test seeks to demonstrate the achievement of artificial intelligence. Among the participants are eight computer programs talking through modems, and two human confederates also at remote locations.


Sega of America releases the Sega Multimedia Entertainment System, with a CD player. The unit is an add-on product for the Genesis system. Price: US$299


Microsoft releases the Windows for Workgroups 3.11 operating system. The operating system features improved support for NetWare and Windows NT, along with numerous architectural changes meant to improve system performance and stability.



Rodney Aloia founder and sysop (system operator) of The Index BBS in Georgia dies of massive head injuries in a skydiving accident. With sixty phone lines, The Index BBS is the largest BBS in the southeast United States. After his death, his friends and colleagues will continue to run the BBS in his memory, scaling back the number of phone lines but maintaining the BBS even up to its inclusion in Google Groups. Read the original announcement at Google Groups.


Intel begins airing a commercial on American television entitled Homer’s Smarter Brain, featuring Homer Simpson of The Simpsons, with his brain replaced by a Pentium II processor, turning him into a professor.


A new worm dubbed BubbleBoy is first detected. This proof-of-concept worm was sent to Network Associates, which immediately posted a free software patch and alerted the FBI of the danger. The danger presented by the worm is that it will infect a host if an MS-Outlook user merely highlights the subject line of the e-mail message carrying it. Opening the message isn’t necessary. The worm changes the infected computer’s registry displays a message screen, then spreads itself by mailing itself to every e-mail address on the infected system’s address list. Experts believe that this new worm poses an even greater potential danger than the Melissa virus that cause such a sensation in the media.

US President William Clinton holds the nation’s first virtual town hall meeting on the Internet. Organizers claim that they expected about fifteen thousand people, but later, will estimate that about twice that many actually participated.

2000, Inc. shares fall 24 percent after news that another key executive has resigned is made public. Maryann Keller, head of auto-services, is the latest to resign, following William Pike, vice president of financial planning, and Allison McEnerney, director of investor relations.


Microsoft releases DirectX 9.


Pioneer announces the development of a technique which will allow optical drives to store up to 500 GB of data using ultraviolet lasers which emit shorter wavelength rays than blue lasers.


Red Octane releases the music game Guitar Hero video game for the PlayStation 2 in North America. The game comes bundled with a guitar-shaped controller that resembles a miniature Gibson SG, and it features forty-seven playable songs, including: Bark at the Moon as made famous by Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Man as made famous by Black Sabbath, Smoke on the Water as made famous by Deep Purple, and Spanish Castle Magic as made famous by Jimi Hendrix. Despite the game’s unusually high price, it will receive rave reviews from critics and be a surprising success among consumers. . ESRB: T (Teen) Price: US$79.99


Microsoft releases a version of Internet Explorer 7 is released specifically for Windows Vista.

Microsoft releases version 6.0 of the Windows NT operating system.


Google CEO Eric Schmidt bows out of the running for Barack Obama's CTO position


A potential iphone worm was discovered. For jailbroken phones, a program hacked in and replaced the wallpaper with pop singer Rick Astly - therefore Rick-Rolling the iPhone.


RockMelt Browser debuted - a browser that connects to your social networks so you can keep up on what's being posted.


Mozilla launch Firefox 8, Thunderbird 8

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