November 6

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Day in Tech History: Nov 6th

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The iconic Times Square headlines ticker was activated. New York Times began flashing headlines using an electronic sign


Edwin Armstrong presented a paper on Frequency Modulation, or FM radio. AT&T's John Renshaw Carson disputed saying there were no advantages over AM radio.


Plutonium is first produced at the Hanford Atomic Facility. It will subsequently be used in Fat Man, the atomic bomb detonated over Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945.


The Hewlett-Packard Company, Inc. HP offer public stock for the first time. Stock was $16 a share


The IBM Data Processing Division (DPD) releases the IBM 1230 optical mark scoring reader, capable of reading and scoring 1,200 test answer sheets an hour of unattended operation.


Microsoft and IBM sign a formal contract for Microsoft to produce an operating system and a simple scripting language for the new IBM PC. Microsoft will receive US$200,000 to adapt 86-DOS into MS-DOS for the IBM PC and US$500,000 for BASIC and compilers. Microsoft will deliver an initial version of the operating system and a working version of BASIC by mid-January. The deal allows Microsoft to retain control over DOS (Disk Operating System), a stipulation that will make the system an industry standard in short order.


Maurice Wilkes writes to Niklaus Wirth proposing that the Modula-2+ language be revised. Wirth gave the project his blessing, and the Modula-3 committee is born.


3dfx releases Voodoo, the first consumer 3D accelerator, capable of rendering relatively complex scenes in realtime and in hi-resolution. QuakeGL (a GL port of Quake) is the first popular game utilizing this new technology. Other games will soon follow, including Tomb Raider.


Hacker Rajib Mitra is convicted of hacking into the University of Iowa and University of Wisconsin. He will also later be sentenced to eight years in prison for jamming emergency radio bands during graduate school.

Tony Hsieh and Sanjay Madan, cofounders of LinkExchange, cooperatively announce that LinkExchange has joined the Microsoft network of Internet services.

The three millionth domain name ( is registered.


GNUnet, a free software framework for decentralized, peer-to-peer networking written in C, is first published. The framework offers link encryption, peer discovery, and resource allocation.


Microsoft announced that AVG Security products will be available directly from the Windows Security Center in Windows Vista.


Lenovo Drops IBM from it’s name to make Lenovo ThinkPad and Thinkstation

Dirk Meyer joins AMD’s Board

Sony Ericsson unveils the first Walkman Phone.


President elect Barack Obama named Google's Sonal Shah and Julius Genachowski to his board

AT&T acquires wayport - a hotel WiFi provider

Microsoft redesigned their Hotmail email service

Craigslist beefs up security to thwart those who post misleading ads, especially in erotic services begins streaming in HD


The Nintendo Game Boy gets a spot in the Toy Hall of Fame. The Ball and Big Wheel were also inducted. Game Boy joins the Atart 2600 in the Hall of fame.

Adobe’s Photoshop Application comes to Android Phones.

To further prove that Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy, Hany Faird, director of the Neukom Institue for Computational Science at Dartmouth, used digital forensics, proved the photo was not doctored in any way.


YouTube and Disney cut a deal that brings original videos to YouTube

Charles Walton, inventor of RFID, passed away


FCC announced it had reached a $700,000 settlement with AT&T who allegedly overcharged wireless data customers.

Google rolls out newer page look. They move the navigation bar to the side.

Mozilla settled with the IRS for $1.5 million after a 2008 inquiry when Mozilla partnered with Google.


DISH owned Blockbuster announced they were closing the remaining 300 locations and will cease their video mail system immediately.

Fire breaks out at the offices of the Internet Archive in San Francisco. The fire causes $600,000 in damages

Apple announced they will be adding new manufacturers to keep up with iPad and iPhone demand.

Facebook redesigns the Like button to match the flat image look

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