November 26

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Day in Tech History: Nov 26th

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William Shakespeare publishes King Lear, which many will later believe to be the first book for which a copyright claim is made in the Entry Book of Copies at the Stationers’ Company in London.


In the US, the official holiday Thanksgiving is observed. President George Washington and Congress approved the holiday earlier in the year.


The Toll of the Sea is the Eighth color movie made, but it was the second Technocolor movie and the first one that didn't need any special equipment to run. The first Technocolor film used 2 projectors to focus a red/green combination on the screen. Process 2 used subtractive color process to put the color on the film.


The trade name Microsoft is registered with the Office of the Secretary of the State of New Mexico.


Mitsushida Electric industrial company acquires Music corporation of america(MCA) for $6.6 billion


NetBSD foundataion released v. 1.1 of NetBSD OS


PGP published Pretty Good Privacy v.5.5.3 freeware for Win95, NT and Mac.


Intel announces that its researchers have developed an innovative transistor structure with new materials that represent a dramatic improvement in transistor speed, power efficiency and heat reduction. The technology development is an important milestone in the effort to maintain the pace of Moore’s Law and remove the technical barriers that Intel and the semiconductor industry have only recently begun to identify. The Intel TeraHertz transistor solves a key barrier to bringing future chips into volume production that enable a whole new range of applications like face recognition and computing without keyboards as well as significantly improved battery life.

Intel is expected to begin incorporating elements of this new structure into its product line as early as 2005.

Two former Cisco accountants are sentenced to thirty-four months for breaking into company computers to steal stock.


Apple has agreed to a $10 million settlement with over patents related to delivering video over the Internet.

Webroot Software announced it has merged with U.K.-based Email Systems, a software-as-a-service security company.


The UK put a ban on a Apple commercial that promoted the speed of the device. They ruled that the iPhone could not run as fast as the ad contended and it was misleading.

Lycos Europe closes their portal and they put key parts of their business up for sale.

Microsoft launched webmaster malware detection tools.


A fake press release on PRWeb announced Google purchased Wi-Fi provider ICOA for $400 million. The stock was frozen as the press release was found to be perpetrated by someone in Aruba.

Federal officials took down 132 websites that allegedly sold counterfeit merchandise during Cyber Monday.


After switching the Youtube comment system through Google+, YouTube announced they are aware of the massive spam problems plaguing the site.

Google allows Glass users to invite 3 more to the program.

Apple patents a focus option similar to Lytro cameras

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