November 24

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Day in Tech History: Nov 24th

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Nolan Bushnell files a patent for the Pong on-screen control mechanism, but not for the game itself. (US No. 3,793,483)


Nintendo publicly unveils the Ultra 64 at Tokyo’s annual Shoshinkai show and reveal its new name, Nintendo 64. The company demonstrates the games Kirby’s Air Ride and Super Mario 64. The president of Nintendo Company, Ltd., also announces the continued development of a mass storage device called 64DD, on which game players can write or customize games. The magnetic disks will be installed in the front panel of a platform that slips under the Nintendo 64 console. Each disk will be able to hold up to 64MB of data. Philippe Kahn resigns as chairman of Borland International.


AOL announces an agreement to acquire the Netscape Communications for US$4.2 billion in stock. AOL also states that, despite the acquistion, they plan to keep Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the default browser for new AOL users. Netscape’s server products and its Professional Services group will become part of iPlanet, a joint marketing and development between AOL and Sun Microsystems.


Attorneys representing Haggard & Parks, P.A. in Coral Gables, Florida file a class action lawsuit in Miami-Dade County judicial court against Microsoft>Microsoft alleging that the company overcharges consumers for its Windows 95 operating system.


The BadTrans worm is released. BadTrans is a malicious computer worm distributed through e-mail which takes advantage of a vulnerability in older versions of Microsoft’s Outlook and Outlook Express. Upon execution, the worm installs a keystroke logger then replicates by sending copies of itself to other e-mail addresses found in the host’s machine’s address book. An e-mail account at receives over one hundred thousand keystroke logs in the first day alone. Other addresses receiving keystroke logs were registered at such free e-mail providers as Excite and Yahoo.

The Qualcomm website is hacked anonymously by someone at the University of Wisconsin.


Version 8.4.5 of the Tcl/Tk programming language is released.


A judge rules in favor of Novell the case of SCO and the copyrights of UNIX.

A Canadian man is ordered to pay $873 million for spamming Facebook users. The verdict used the CAN SPAM act for the decision.

Google announced they cut 10,000 jobs. However, these are all contract positions.


The entire Beatles catalog was remastered on LP

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