November 13

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Day in Tech History: Nov 13th

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Gordon Gould, a doctoral research student at Columbia University and a former member of the Manhattan Project, completes the design of a light-emitting version of the microwave emitting maser, which he names Light Amplication by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER).


Microsoft holds their second annual meeting in the Seahawks Room of the Ramada Inn across Lake Washington from Seattle.


On of the earliest transistorized computers ever designed, MIT TX-0, is re-activated for the third and final time at The Computer Museum in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Designed at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the machine was reconstructed by John McKenzie and MIT Professor Jack Dennis.


Jack Tramiel holds his first press conference since acquiring Atari to announce his intention to manufacture and market a new line of 16 and 32-bit computers.


Atari announces that it has begun shipping the STacy computer, a portable version of the 1040ST, featuring a 8 MHz Motorola MC 68000 CPU, 1 or 4 MHz RAM, a backlit monochrome Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display, a keyboard, a trak-ball mouse, a built-in 3.5? double-sided drive, and a 20 or 40 MB hard drive. Weight: 15lb

The Atari StacyAtari introduces the 1040STe, the latest generation in the 1040ST line of computers. The system features Enhanced Capabilities for Home, MIDI Applications, including a 4,096 color extended palette, 8-bit digital stereo sound, and exceptional hardware-based scrolling technology. The system is expected to ship during the first quarter of 1990.

Atari introduces a True 32-bit Bus System, the TT 030, featuring an 16 MHz Motorola 68030 CPU, two serial ports, resolutions of up to 640 x 480 in color or 1280 x 960 in monochrome. The system is announced to be available during the first quarter of 1990. Price: US$2995 (2MB RAM, 50MB hard-drive)

The Fall COMDEX tradeshow is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, over five days. At it, IBM strongly endorses Microsoft Windows for low end computers and Microsoft publicly endorses OS/2 as a platform for higher-end computers. They also announce that they have entered into an agreement to jointly develop a range of software offerings for personal computer using Intel 386 and 486 processors through the nineties, including improved versions of MS-DOS, Microsoft LAN, and Microsoft OS/2.

Microsoft and IBM issue a joint statement announcing that Microsoft will hold back features in the development of Windows to promote industry acceptance of OS/2.

Someone using the name Dave Rhodes uploads the Make Money Fast pyramid scheme letter to Usenet for the first time. The electronic chain letter will become so infamous that the phrase Make Money Fast will become synonymous with the word scam. It’s uncertain whether or not Dave Rhodes is real person, but some people will later claim that he was a student at Columbia Union College.


President George Bush presents Jack St. Clair Kilby and nine others the National Medal of Technology for the well-being of the nation through the development or application of technology. Kilby was recognized, For his invention and contributions to the commercialization of the integrated circuit and the silicon thermal print-head; for his contributions to the development of the first computer using integrated circuits; and for the invention of the hand-held calculator, and gate array. Visit the National Medal of Technology website.

The world’s first webpage is created and published online by Tim Berners-Lee. The page contains Berners-Lee’s notes, specifications for HTML, HTTP, and URI, along with other information related to his World Wide Web project. Visit Tim Berners-Lee’s official website.


AMD begins limited shipments of its K6 processor with MMX instructions, at speeds of 166 to 200MHz.


Intel releases the 733 and 766 MHz Celeron processors. Price: US$112 and US$170 each

Yahoo!launches the Yahoo!Movies short film directory. Visit the website.


Yahoo! launches Yahoo! Sponsor Matches.


The first public version of the IceBB open source Internet forum system, Alpha 1, is released.


Google completes the acquistion of Youtube for US$1.65 billion. The announcement to acquire happened on October 9, 2006. [1]

Sun Microsystems announces that it will be licensing its Java source code under the GNU General Public License and release HotSpot and the Java Compiler under the same license.

Version 2.0 of the Linux Mint is released. Code-name: Barbara


The New York Times changes from Online Pay content, to ad-supported content.


After numerous cases of chargers overheating, HP and Google halt Chromebook 11 sales.

Motorola announced the lowest price Android phone - Moto G - for $179

WikiLeaks published secret draft of Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty

30 years after introduction, Calvin and Hobbes ebooks are available for the first time

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