November 12

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Day in Tech History: Nov 12th

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Alan Turing publishes a paper entitled On Computable Numbers with an Application to the Entscheidungs-problem. In it, Turing provides an abstraction that will form the basic theory of computability for several decades. Later renamed the Turing Machine, this abstract engine described in this paper will provide the fundamental concepts of computers that other inventors will later conceive independently.


The IBM Data Processing Division (DPD) announces the IBM 3081 processor complex and the IBM 3033 model group 2, two processors that will extend the power and range of IBM’s largest computer systems. Both processors are developed and manufactured in Poughkeepsie, New York.


Lotus Development officially announces the Jazz office suite for the Macintosh 512K, which will include communications functions, database, graphics, spreadsheet, and word processing. The software will go on to be a complete failure, despite the incredible success of the company’s Lotus 1-2-3 for IBM-compatible computers. Later critics will credit the software’s to overpricing and a lack of brand recognition caused by not giving it the Lotus name. Read an archived review of the software at Atari Magazine. Price: US$595

Richard Sandza’s article on the world of the Hacker BBS, The Night of the Hackers, appears in Newsweek Magazine. The article introduces many would-be hackers to BBS technology and significantly contributed to the popularity of BBS communities in the mid-eighties.


With help from Robert Cailliau, Tim Berners-Lee publishes a formal proposal for the World Wide Web. The proposal is based on an earlier proposal, Information Management: A Proposal, written in March 1989.


Be announces Release 4 of the BeOS operating system, for Intel and PowerPC computers. The new release better integrates with Windows, with the ability to better interface with files and a full set of keyboard shortcuts. The system is expected to be released in December. The company also announces that Hitachi will include the operating system on its computers. Price: US$69.95 (online) or US$99.95 (retail) Diamond Multimedia Systems reveals plans to cut twenty percent of its work force, about one hundred eighty employees.


At the Comdex trade show, Microsoft>Microsoft chairman Bill Gates demonstrates a proposed Tablet PC initiative, which would convert handwritten pen strokes into graphics.


AMD announces the 950MHz mobile Duron processor. Price: US$160

AMD announces the 1.2GHz mobile Athlon 4 processor. Price: US$525

The first uncompressed real-time gigabit HDTV transmission over a wide-area IP network takes place on Internet2.


A thirty-six year old unemployed London sysadmin named Gary McKinnon, also known by the handled Solo, is indicted for what US authorities describe as the biggest hack of military computers ever detected. McKinnon allegedly exploited poorly-secured Windows systems to attack ninty-two networks run by NASA, the Pentagon, and twelve other military installation scattered over fourteen states from February 2001 through March 2002. Several private businesses are also affected by the attacks, which caused an estimated US$900,000 in damages. Prosecutors said that McKinnon stole passwords, deleted files, monitored traffic and shut down computer networks on military bases from Pearl Harbor to Connecticut.


Marek Jedlinski (Tranglos Software) releases version 1.6.5 of the freeware text editor Keynote for Windows. This is last version of the application released before development is discontinued in October 2005.

Nokia confirms that hackers have cracked the copy protection system of games designed for the N-Gage video game system.


Intel debuts their Penryn 45nm chips. These are the first Quad-core chips.

AOL acquires Yedda, a question and answer site for an undisclosed amount.

Google releases Android Tools


IBM signs a $9.6 million broadband contract over power lines to give internet to the people.

Google launches Chrome for Linux - although the browser does not "work that great"


Microsoft launched Online mobile marketplace


22 year old Ilya Zhitomirskiy, founder of Diaspora, passed away.


Google was hit with a $208,000 fine by an Australian man because a 2004 shooting prompted Google to reference his name with organized crime.

John McAfee goes into hiding because his neighbor (Gregory Faull) was killed. McAfee stated he had to go into hiding because Belize police were out to get him.


Google Fiber begins installations in Provo, Utah

Twitter launched custom timelines

Google Glass adds Play Music integration, along with new stereo headphone option for $85

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