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Day in Tech History: June 3rd

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Alexander Graham Bell transmits the first wireless telephone message using his Photophone, which operates by translating the vibration of light reflected from mirrors rather than electrical signals into sound.


The Canadian Pacific Railway is completed from coast to coast.


The first long-distance electric power transmission line in the United States is completed, running 14 miles between a generator at Willamette Falls and downtown Portland, Oregon, United States.


Launch of Gemini 4, the first multi-day space mission by a NASA crew. Major Edward H. White II does the first ever space walk.


Commodore International introduces the MPS 803 dot matrix printer, designed for use with the Commodore 16, the DSP 1101 letter-quality daisywheel printer, designed for the Plus/4, the MPS 802 dot matrix printer, and the 1531 Cassette Unit.

Commodore International introduces the Commodore 16, formerly known as the TED-16. The system looks like the VIC-20 and Commodore 64, but it features 16KB RAM. It is expected to sell for about US$100. It will be marketed as “The Learning Machine”.

Commodore Plus/4, formerly called the Commodore 264, featuring four built-in programs. Price: US$300


Nintendo sues Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. in an attempt to prevent the Game Genie from reaching market.


Microsoft implements a three-for-two stock split approved by the board in April. Cash is paid in lieu of fractional shares. Visit the official Microsoft website.


Version 3.1 of the Slackware Linux distribution is released by creator Patrick Volkerding. Slackware is most notable for its policy of incorporating only stable releases of applications. It’s development philosophy is to maintain the system’s stability and simplicity in an effort to be the most UNIX-like Linux distribution.


In a national radio address, US President William Clinton announces a plan to make US$128 million in grants available to programs to train teachers to use computers.


SBC and Yahoo!launch a national internet dial-up service. Read the original press release.


Version 4.3.7 of the PHP programming language is released.


Intel announces the G45 and G43 chipsets for video playback enhancement. They also announced the P45 for faster memory, along with a chipset that contains 2 graphics card slots. This was the first time this was a mainstream offering.

Time Warner announced they are ready to test metered net use in Beaumont Texas. 5GB and 40GB caps with customers having to pay $1 – gig overage.

Wal-Mart Tests online classified ads on the site – powered by Oodle.com

AT&T started offering WiFi at Starbucks. T-Mobile lost the contract to Ma Bell about a couple months prior.

Yahoo sets their Shareholder Meeting on August 1st to discuss the Proxy Fight brought on by Carl Icahn. Carl earlier in the day stated that Jerry Yang had to step down for Yahoo to become successful again.  


Apple, Amazon.com, Amdocs, American Express, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Cabela's, Citigroup, eBay, FirstView, Marketing Technology Concepts, NetSpend, OfficeMax, U.S. Bancorp, and ViVOtech were sued by Actus on 4 Technology patents on e-commerce.

Apple announces they will be building a new server farm in North Carolina, investing $1 billion in the state.

Yahoo sues the NFL on Fantasy rights - the NFL tried to tell people that they cannot use the players name or likeness for their fantasy leagues without paying a royalty. Yahoo claims it no longer needs the union's permission to use the players' information, citing an April court decision in a similar case between the players group and CBS Interactive (the parent company of CNET).

Second Life hosted the commencement ceremony for online students graduating from Bryant & Stratton College. Second Life founder Philip Rosedale was the guest speaker.

The "Nehalem" Core i7, came out. i7-975 (8M L3 cache, 4 cores, 8 threads, 3.33GHz, 6.4 GT/s QPI). This is priced at $999. The i7-950 boasts identical specifications except for a lower 3.06GHz clock speed and 4.8 GT/s. It is priced at $562.

HP introduces the m9600T tower with the i7-975 and a 1GB Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 graphics card for just over $1,900.

Falcon Northwest Mach V was also released at more than $4,000 with 6GB of memory, 1GB Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 graphics card, and a 256GB solid-state drive.


Private Bradley Manning's trial for leaking classified information to WikiLeaks begins

Open Source Guru Atul Chitnis passes away at 50

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