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Day in Tech History: June 16th

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Christiaan Huygens patents the first "Pendulum" clock. Huygens builds the clock for accuracy to assist in his astronomical observations.


Coney Island gets the first gravity powered roller coaster - the "Thompson switchback" railway.


The US Census Bureau dedicates its first UNIVAC computer and experiences its first programming error. Once the bugs are fixed, the UNIVAC I will became the first commercial computer to attract widespread public attention. Remington Rand will eventually sell forty-six machines at more than one million dollars each.


Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates incorporate Software Development Laboratories (SDL), the forerunner of Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores, California.


Intel releases the 80386 SX processor. It is a cheaper alternative to the original i386, which was re-branded as the i386DX.


Acer, Compaq, Dell, Gateway 2000, HP, IBM, Mitac International, Mitshubishi Electric, NEC, Pionex Technologies, Unisys, and Zenith Data Systems announce plans to release NetPC, a diskless personal computer connecting to the internet.


Microsoft releases Windows 98 Service Pack 1.


Sony Electronics introduces the Clie PEG-NX80V handheld computer, featuring the Palm OS 5.0, a 200MHz processor, a digital audio player, a keyboard, 32MB RAM, a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, and a 320×480 pixel color screen. Price: US$599.99


Version 0.7 of Mozilla Thunderbird, a free, cross-platform e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation, is released.

Version 0.61 of the operating system Desktop Light (DeLi) Linux is released.


IBM and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology announce that they are working on a computer model of the brain, creating a 3-D simulation of the neocortex.


The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) file suit in the Federal District Court of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to overturn a new law imposing fines for selling violent video games to minors. US District Court Judge James Brady grants a temporary restraining order preventing the state of Louisiana from enforcing the new law.

Version 2.41 of Sleipnir, a Japanese tabbed web browser for the Windows operating system, is released by Fenrir & Co. Visit the software’s English language website.


The U.S. Commerce Department issued new regulations designed to limit the sale of civilian high- technology items that might benefit China's military.


Google Docs gets PDF support with limited functionality.

United Airlines announces they will have connectors for your iPod available on certain flights.

T-Mobile Germany offers the iPhone for 1 euro with contract to boost overseas sales. Intel launches SpectraWatt – a company that develops solar cells.

Media Breakaway and Chief Executive Scott Richter are ordered to pay MySpace $4.8 million in damages and $1.2 million in legal fees for spamming profiles on the site.

Apple settles with Klausner Technologies over a patent suit regarding “Visual Voice Mail”, Which allows you to listen to voice mails with an email – style interface.

The Missouri mom who harassed the the teenager that committed suicide on MySpace pleads not guilty to conspiracy and accessing protected computers without authorization to get information used to inflict emotional distress.


Weird AL Yankovic puts out the Jim Morrison parody called “Craigslist”

Microsoft secretly announced they were cutting off reimbursements for data plans to those employees who don’t have a Windows Mobile phone. Of course, that private information became public quickly.

Feeling the effects of Facebook, MySpace slashes 30 percent of their workforce.

Microsoft decides to scale back their program “Soapbox”, a video content site to counter YouTube

Apple launches iPHone OS 3.0


Gartner announced mobile ad sales will generate $3.3 billion in 2011

Comcast debuts 1 Gbps connection and cloud based channel surfing

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