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Day in Tech History: July 6th

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The Prussian mathematician Christian Goldbach dates a letter to Leonhard Euler in which he presents his famous conjecture (later known as Goldbach’s conjecture). Goldberg’s conjecture proposes that “Every even natural number greater than 2 is equal to the sum of two prime numbers.” The theory will remain perpetually unproven due to the infinite nature of numbers, even through the computer age, despite the fact that it can be proven for numbers up to 4 x 1014.


The first solar-powered aircraft, Solar Challenger, crosses the English Channel.

Texas demonstrate the TI-99/4a home computer on the Mike Douglas Show. The Captain and Tenille listen as the computer plays their chart-topping song Love Will Keep Us Together synthesized by the computer’s Speech Synthesizer peripheral.


Atari chairman of five and a half years, Raymond E. Kassar, steps down from his post. The position will remain vacated until September 6th.


The unmanned Russian spaceprobe Phobos 1 is launched on a mission to study Mars and its moons Phobos and Deimos.


The Fraunhofer Society released the first software MP3 encoder called l3enc. It would get it's name MP3 on July 14, 1995


Reuters news service reports that a Canadian-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) is angry over an error message that too frequently appears when installing the Internet components in Microsoft’s Windows 98 operating system. According to MDI Internet Inc., their customers are calling in with reports that installation errors are recommending users to shop for an alternative ISP. Microsoft refers to the situation as an “innocent mistake,” according to Reuters and plans to promptly update their software so that the errors appear to steer consumers only to “Microsoft-friendly” ISPs.


Back Orifice 2000, freeware software for remote system administration frequently used by hackers, is released. It enables a user to control a computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system from a remote location. The name is a pun on Microsoft BackOffice Server software.


Sony releases a portable version of its legacy PlayStation game console called the PSone in Japan. The system is internally the same as the original PlayStation, but it is held in a smaller case, with an external power supply, and slot for an optional clip-on screen. It is about one-third the size of the original 32-bit machine. In subsequent reports, analysts openly question how a machine with no built-in screen and no battery compartment can be reasonably marketed as “portable.” Price: 15,000 yen (US$142) The system of Powergen, one of the leading energy firms and a major supplier of electricity and gas in the UK, is cracked and a large database of credit card numbers is left exposed and freely accessible on the Internet. Over seven thousand customers will be warned to cancel their credit cards after the incident.


Amazon mistakenly posts Windows XP for sale on its site, and includes pictures of its box. Microsoft asks the ecommerce site to take down the pages, which it does, but Amazon will later make the same mistake a day before the operating system’s official release. These mistakes revealed Windows Vista pricing before its official announcement.


A mock-up of a Space Shuttle wing after an impact testFoam impact tests are performed by the Southwest Research Institute, using a foam block of similar size and mass at the same projected speed to that which struck Columbia, and it creates a hole 16.1 inches by 16.7 inches (41 cm by 42.5 cm) in the protective reinforced carbon-carbon (RCC) panel. The tests clearly demonstrate that a foam impact of the type Columbia sustained could indeed have seriously breached the protective RCC panels on the wing’s leading edge, causing the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, as some had conjectured.


DVD Jon releases FairKeys, a program that can be used to retrieve the keys needed by DeDRMS from the iTunes Music Store servers itself.


Following a terrorist attack on London, the US television network ABC cancels a broadcast of the fantasy film Reign of Fire, which features a dragon destroying London among other cities.

Google acquires the Current Communications Group, a power-line broadband internet provider, for a US$100 million investment.

Hu Zheng releases version 2.4.8 of StarDict, a free GUI released under the General Public License for accessing StarDict dictionary files. Visit the software’s official SourceForge page.

Nintendo officially establishes Nintendo of Korea (NoK), in the country’s capital, Seoul. The subsidiary will replace Daiwon as the company’s official Korean distributer.

The Wikimedia Foundation releases version 1.7 of MediaWiki, a web-based wiki software application. This version requires PHP 5 and features the ability to restore deleted files.


CNet reports that ISP’s are making plans to start the next phase of the Internet: The Video Revolution. NBC’s coverage of the Bejing Olympics is expected log over 3600 hours.

In a letter from Microsoft, they officially back Carl Icahn’s bid to overthrow the current Yahoo board and call for a new CEO.

The official Scrabble game finally hits Facebook, but may be overshadowed with Scrabblous, which was a game that saw some legal action by the makers of Scrabble.

Pioneer announces they have created a “Blu-ray” like disc, where 16 layers of data on the disc could hold up to 400 GB worth of data. In comparison, a Blu-Ray disc can hold 25 GB as a single-layer disc, and 50 GB as a dual layer.

The words - Webinar, malware, netroots, pretexting and fanboy are added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Linux Developer Hans Reiser – who was convicted in April for killing his wife – finally directs officials as to where her remains lie in Oakland CA. 


After saying they were not getting on the netbook bandwagon, Sony gets on the Netbook bandwagon. The Lifestyle PC is a 10.1” netbook with an Atom N280 CPU and 1GB of RAM. How much? $500?

Yahoo drops a suit seeking assurance that it won’t have to pay for fantasy football stats.

MIT creates a patch of fabric that can also take images. The camera cloth was developed to try and give military personel a tactical advantage by seeing all around them.

On the TV show “Repo”, a man is loosing his Delorian. The man is in his 20’s and apparently a Michael Jackson Impersonator. He goes through this dance as he ends up kicking the repo man in the… well backside... The repo men come out of incident unharmed and with the classic car.

Google makes the announcement they will be planning a Chrome based web OS in time for their Netbooks in 2010.

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