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Podcast Episode

Day in Tech History: July 6th


John Walker’s fingerprints are the first to be exchanged by police officials in Europe and America. Law enforcement units in London and St. Louis, Missouri make the exchange.


James Towne, formerly a former Tektronix manager, becomes Microsoft’s first corporate president.


About 95% of Atari employees in most departments are eliminated by Jack Tramiel“>Jack Tramiel. One observer will later note, “We were under no pressure at all to exit the building. We were free to take essentially anything we wanted, nobody cared or looked at anything we carried. We were also free to return on Monday and essentially take whatever we wanted and people did.” One ex-Tramiel executive will later report that after clearing the finance department, they found a great number of unsigned traveler’s checks in an unlocked safe. It isn’t known if any had been taken or why any remained.

Warner Communications sells off the home video game and computer systems divisions of Atari to Jack Tramiel for US$240 million in long-term loans. Warner has the option to purchase up to 32% interest in the new company for US$2 per share.


Apple Computer announces it will sell its 16.4% stake of Adobe Systems.


Microsoft files a patent pertaining to long-filename extensions in the Windows ‘95 file allocation table entitled, “Method and system for accessing a file using file names having different file name formats.” (US Patent 5,745,902)

Microsoft makes the first public reference to work on “Chicago,” the next version of Windows operating systems. Microsoft also gives out over 4,500 copies of the Win32 SDK software development kit and pre-release versions of Windows NT for Intel 386/486 processors and MIPS R4000 processors.


International Business Machines Corporation IBM completes its US$3.5 billion acquisition of Lotus Development, the developer of the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet application, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary.


Internet service provider (ISP) America Online, Inc. settles lawsuits filed in California alleging the company misled subscribers about how its monthly service charges. As part of the settlement, customers will receive US$22 million in free online time and cash rebates. Visit AOL’s official website.


Version 6.5 of the IRIX operating system is released. It is the fifth generation of Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) Unix systems.


The source code of the eMule peer-to-peer file sharing application is released on SourceForge at version 0.02.


Comcast announces they will increase top download speeds to 6mbps (megabits per second) for downloads and 384kbps (kilobits per second) for uploads. The next tier of service will likely be 8mbps for downloads and 768kbps for uploads


Microsoft announces that it will release a handheld to rival the iPod. Read more at GameDaily BIZ. eBay has banned its customers from using Google Checkout. They cite security reasons for the cause.


1 week after the original iPhone was released, a group said up in a Wiki article they have unlocked the phone. iPhoneInterface, promises to run any application residing on the phone, control any process running on the phone, move files around, enable the viewing of verbose information during the restore operation, and activate the phone without iTunes or a token Yahoo's corporate communications representatives said, "For a brief period early this morning, some Yahoo users may have experienced delays in accessing Yahoo services in the U.S. due to network carrier-related issues. The problem has since been identified and corrected by our network vendor. We know that this may have caused some inconvenience, and we apologize to our users who might have been affected."

Pownce has announced it is for sale -


Google tracks the annual “Tour De France” using their Street view application.


ABC joins the ranks at Hulu.com Compuserve shuts down their internet access service

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