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Day in Tech History: July 26th

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Cyrix terminates Texas Instruments’ license to manufacture and produce Cyrix-designed x86 compatible processors.


Apple Computer releases QuickTime 2.5 for Macintosh (System 6.0.7 or higher). This version adds support for the interchangeable Motion JPEG video compression format.

AT&T and Microsoft announce an alliance to promote Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer, in a move designed to allow both corporations to gain entrance into the burgeoning Internet business sphere. Under the deal, AT&T and Microsoft agree to promote and distribute Internet Explorer and AT&T’s Internet service jointly. The deal represents AT&T’s determination to expand its long-distance telephone service and Microsoft’s determination to offset its late entry into online computing software, a misstep that will later allow Netscape Communications Corp. to dominate browser technology.


Apple Computer releases the Mac OS 8.0 operating system. It represents the largest overhaul of the Mac OS since the release of System 7, some six years previous. Code-name: Copland Price: US$99


SNK Corporation of America announces that its new 16-bit Neo-Geo Pocket video game will debut in stores Friday, August 6 with a suggested retail price of US$69.95.


United States District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel issues a preliminary injunction against Napster, Inc. requested by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Napster faces allegations from the RIAA of facilitating wholesale copyright infringement by enabling online users to search for copyrighted material on the Internet for download. The Judge orders the site to cease operations by midnight Friday, July 28th. The injunction will be stayed two days later by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which will rule that “substantial questions” have been raised concerning the merits and form of judge Patel’s injunction.


Cowan Alexander Equipment Group conducts an auction for the assets of bankrupt Quokka Sports, Inc. (www.quokka.com) in San Quokka’s former San Francisco, California offices. Auctioned items include each of the 284 executive chairs that each employee used at their desk and that cost $675 each. HPstates that its current fiscal quarter revenues will fall significantly short, citing overall industry economic trends. Consequently, the company will be forced to cut approximately six thousand jobs to generate a savings of almost US$500 million annually.

Hitachi, Ltd. announces that it will exit the desktop monitor business, citing a sluggish market and the emerging focus on alternative displays such as Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) as the reason.


In Australia, a Federal Court judge rules that mod chips for the PlayStation do not violate copyright rules that outlaw devices that bypass copyright-protection technology.


Apple Computer releases an updated iBook portable computer. Common features include a scrolling TrackPad, sudden-motion sensor, 512 MB RAM, AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi networking, and Bluetooth 2.0 wireless connectivity. The iBook with a twelve inch screen and 1.33GHz PowerPC G4 processor costs US$999. The model with fourteen inch screen and 1.42 GHz processor is US$1,299.

Apple Computer releases an updated Mac Mini computer. A version with 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 processor is priced at US$499. A version with 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4 processor and AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth is priced at US$599. A similar model with SuperDrive (CD/DVD burner) is priced at US$699. Thomas Dickey releases version 9.5 of Vile, a text editor that attempts to combine the best aspects of the popular Emacs and vi editors.


Dell Inc. opens a full store in the NortHPark Center in Dallas, Texas. The three thousand square foot outlet will be open seven days a week, displaying about thirty-six models, including televisions. Customers won’t be able to walk out of the store with products, though. They can, however, place orders online or by telephone from the store. In addition to showcasing products, the store will also support on site service.


The Google – Digg Acquisition deal falls through.

Gotta love the Government – A court document was published over the San Fransisco IT worker that was imprisioned for holding some systems in Calif. Hostage. The court document contained all the passwords the IT worked had withheld.


Martha Stewart announces she finds Facebook “Dippy” and recommends Twitter instead.


Google launched their first fiber city in Kansas City, KS. Google also shows off Google Fiber TV service


Apple acquired BookLamp for an undisclosed sum. BookLamp is a book service that allows you to read and get the next book via "station" - similar to what Pandora does with music

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