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Day in Tech History: July 18th

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the Intel Corporation, inventor of the microchip, was incorporated. In 1968, a Hungarian immigrant by the name of Andy Grove co-founded Intel with a collaboration of colleagues


videotapes, taken by the deep-sea Alvin submersible, showing Titanic's remains were released


The United States Department of Commerce announced plans to permit the export computers with data processing rates over 6.5 million bits per second to the Soviet Union and the Eastern-bloc.


the airlock hatch on the Soviet space station Mir could not be closed by the cosmonauts returning after a seven-hour space walk making an exterior inspection and repairs

Version 0.99.11 of the Linux operating system is released.


Rosanna Della Corte, a 62-year-old Italian woman, gave birth to a healthy son, Riccardo. Her egg was artificially imseminated by the sperm of her 63-year-old husband, Mauro, at Dr. Severino Antinori’s fertility clinic in Rome, Italy


National retailer Circuit City announces that it begin carrying Macintosh computer products, three years after dropping the line.


Apple Computer announces the Power Mac G4, featuring a 867MHz processor, a 133MHz system bus, 2KB Level-3 cache, four 33MHz PCI slots, three DIMM slots, a SuperDrive, a 60GB hard drive, and 128MB RAM. Price: US$2,499


Sony Electronics unveils its first internal Blu-ray Disc rewritable drive for computers, the BWU-100A. The device supports up to 50GB of data on BD-R or BD-RE discs. The drive is capable of burning a full 25GB disc in 50 minutes. The drive will be available in stores August. Price: US$750


The Australia ISP Internode becomes the first commercial internet service provider to announce that it would offer full IPv6 connectivity to its customers.

Warner Bros. releases the superhero film The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, and Aaron Eckhart, to 4,366 US theaters

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