July 14

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Day in Tech History: July 14th

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IBM announced the IBM 650 Magnetic Drum Data Processing System Machine. The first 650 unit would go into production December 8, 1954 This would later be fitted with an IBM 355 (aka the first hard drive) on September 14, 1956 and changed to the 650 RAMAC.


Compaq Computer and IBM enter into a patent cross-licensing agreement that will include all patents filed before July 1, 1993.


Version .01 of the free BSD Unix OS called 386BSD us released


Microsoft designates the source code of the Windows 95 operating system “golden,” signifying that no further changes will be made to the system’s fifteen million lines of code before the product ships.

Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) unanimously select “.MP3” as the file extension for their new digital audio encoding technology in a vote. The standard was created on July 7, 1994 as I3enc.


Version 2.1 of the Opera web browser is released for Windows. It is the first public release of Opera. Visit the official Opera website.

v. 2.1.5 of FreeBSD OS is released


Microsoft announces a promotional offer under which customers who prepay for a three year MSN subscription will receive a free computer. Price: US$647.64 Hollywood Video begins rentals of the Sega Dreamcast with the only game available – Sonic Adventure.


The US government publicly admits of their knowledge to Area 51


Intel releases the 1.5GHz Pentium M 705 processor, featuring a 1MB cache. 


PalmOne changes their name back to Palm; changing their logo and moving headquarters. This comes after acquiring PalmSource’s share in Palm for $30 million


Sun Microsystems releases the industry’s first one terabyte tape storage drive, the Sun StorageTek T10000B. The tape drive features one terabyte of storage capacity on a single cartridge for mainframe systems. Read more at Sun Microsystem’s official website. Price: US$37,000


IBM unveils Magen – a way to Mask Gateways for enterprises.

Microsoft announces pricing for the Azure Cloud OS platform - 12 cents per hour for computing, 15 cents per gigabyte for storage and 10 cents per 10,000 storage transactions. For network bandwidth, the software maker is charging between 10 cents and 15 cents per gigabyte.

The US Patent Office rejects 8 Rambus claims on patents that Rambus claims NVidia impedes on . Researchers in UC San Diego create a Einstein head with facial expression recognition.

A woman in Manhattan was at her HSBC bank when it got held up. So she twittered: "My bank was just held up _ with me in it. HSBC 34 and 8," The second tweet was “Also my whole trackball is GONE!!! I'm locked in the bank still." She continued where some thought it was a joke, referring to the texting twitter teen that fell in a manhole a couple days ago. The robber did get away.


Online music streaming service Spotify launched in the US.


LinkedIn acquired Newle for an undisclosed sum

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