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Podcast Episode

Day in Tech History: July 1st


The first X-ray photograph of an entire body is taken in a one-second exposure, using ordinary clinical conditions such as would exist at an average hospital, is taken in Rochester, New York by Arthur W. Fuchs of the Eastman Kodak Company. A selective filter is used for the first time, and the film size was 32 inches by 72 inches. It will be exhibited by the Chicago Roentgen Society at the Century of Progress Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois.


BASIC officially ships as version 2.0 in both 4K and 8K editions.


FORTRAN-80, Microsoft’s second language product, is released.


Sony introduces the Walkman in Japan. The first model is the blue-and-silver TPS-L2 pocket-sized audio cassette player with earphones.


Microsoft reorganizes into Microsoft Incorporated, with Bill Gates as President and Chairman, and Paul Allen as Executive Vice President. Initial shareholders are Bill Gates (53%), Paul Allen (31%), Steve Ballmer (8%), Vern Raburn (4%), Charles Simonyi (1.5%), Gordon Letwin (1.5%).


Cinematronics releases Dragon’s Lair to arcades. It is the first laser-disc based coin-operated arcade game. Cost per play is fifty cents. Advanced Microcomputer Systems designed the game, with animation provided by Don Bluth Animations. Each machine costs about US$5,500.


The PG-13 rating is introduced by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).


Apogee Software releases the side-scrolling shooter Duke Nukem for MS-DOS. The game was notable in its time because of its smart level design which allows very fast gameplay. The graphics borrow heavily from other games, such as Turrican and the PC version of Mega Man, and a longstanding rumor is that originally Apogee had planned to port Mega Man to the PC, but couldn’t secure the rights.


Corel releases version 4.00 of Paint Shop Pro, a bitmap graphics editor and vector graphics editor for Windows. This was the first 32-bit release of Paint Shop, but version 3.12 will still be available for download for quite some time. Visit Corel’s website.


American Airlines becomes the first United States air carrier to place an automatic external defibrillator (AED) on each of its fleet of seven hundred aircraft to provide immediate coronary care to in-flight heart-attack victims. Since seconds count, many lives have been saved by restoring the natural rhythm of their heart beats.


Motorola, Packard Instrument Company, and the United States government’s Argonne National Laboratory jointly announce plans to produce biochips. The chips make use of a micro-gel technology in which chemical compounds can be tested. The chips are planned primarily for the medical and agriculture industries.


Apple Computer files a lawsuit against Future Power and Daewoo over a recently introduced personal computer that looks nearly identical to the Apple iMac.


Cerulean Studios first releases Trillian, a proprietary multiprotocol instant messaging (IM) application. Trillian can connect to AIM, ICQ, IRC, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo!Messenger networks.

The pHPBB Group, which consists of founder James Atkinson, Nathan Codding, and John Abela release a fully-functional, pre-release version of pHPBB 1.0.0. PHPBB is a popular internet forum package written in PHP. The full release of 1.0.0 will be made on December 9th.


Version 7 of Maple, a general-purpose commercial mathematics software package, is released.


Apple Computer buys the Emagic company, maker of the Logic audio software.

The BBC reports that an estimated that one billion computers have been sold across the worldwide to date, according to hi-tech consultancy Gartner Dataquest. Read more at the BBC.


A Kazakhstan hacker named Oleg Zezev, also known as “Alex,” is sentenced in Manhattan federal court to over four years (51 months) in prison for extortion and computer hacking. The sentence, imposed by United States District Judge Kimba M. Wood is one of the longest ever imposed for a computer intrusion charge. Zezev was convicted for stealing confidential customer information from the Bloomberg financial information and blackmailing Bloomberg L.P. founder, Michael Bloomberg for US$200,000.


The Cassini-Huygens spacecraft performs the SOI (Saturn Orbit Insertion) maneuver and enters into orbit around Saturn. Before the SOI, Cassini had already studied the system extensively. In June 2004, it had conducted a close flyby of Phoebe, sending back high-resolution images and data.

Version 1.00 of IM2, a multiprotocol instant messaging (IM) application for Microsoft Windows that allows users to chat across all major IM networks, is released. IM2 can connect to AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, IRC, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo!Messenger networks.


After twenty-two alpha and beta releases and three release candidates, the UseBB Team releases version 1.0 of UseBB, an open source forum system written in PHP.

Planamesa Software releases NeoOffice 2.0 Alpha 4. NeoOffice is a fork of the free open source OpenOffice.org office suite that is ported to Mac OS X.


A research says that people using IE are less likely to update, therefore making them more vulnerable to attacks.

Adobe releases ver. 9 of their reader. The reader also allows Flash objects

Blockbuster decides to back away from the table on the Circuit City bid

Microsoft purchases search engine Powerset for $100 million. If a purchase of Yahoo was to happen, this would enhance the search engine.


ICANN raises Domain prices 7% on .com and 10% on .net

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