December 5

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Day in Tech History: Dec 5th

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Konrad Zuse completes his Z3 computer, the first program-controlled electromechanical digital computer."


Although it was tested for 2 weeks prior, today officially marks the birth of the Transistor.


"The first push button-controlled garage is opened in Washington, DC by Parking Services Inc. at a cost of US$325,000. A single attendant, without entering the vehicle, could automatically park or return a car to or from the “Park-O-Mat” in less than a minute. The apparatus’ two elevators can park up to seventy-two cars that occupies a lot twenty-five by forty feet with sixteen floors above ground and two below."


"Richard L.Wexelblat becomes the first candidate in a computer science program to complete a doctoral dissertation. Many doctorate candidates had previously performed computer-related research, but Wexelblat’s diploma, presented by the University of Pennsylvania will be the first to carry the designation “computer science”."


"The last known reliable Atari Software ROM Report is generated; thought to have been originated on an Atari 8-bit computer. The nine-page report comes from a database maintained by Larry Brown, the “Purchasing Guy” at Atari Corporation and itemizes 425 cartridge-based video games and applications for Atari 8-bit game consoles and computers. It begins with CX2601, a 16K ROM cartridge named Combat for the Atari 2600 video game system in 1978 and ends with RX8114, a 256K ROM cartridge named Into the Eagles Nest for the Atari 8-bit computer series."


"The Walt Disney Company creates the Disney Interactive division, to develop and license interactive multimedia products on CD-ROM for computers, and cartridges for Sega and Nintendo video game systems. The products will be distributed by Buena Vista Home Video. "


"Texas Instruments announces that it has developed a manufacturing technique to create integrated circuits using copper wiring made of a material called “xerogel” rather than the traditional aluminum to connect transistors in chips. The company predicts that the approach could lead to processors that are ten times faster than current chips, while using less power. The announcement comes just weeks after IBM announced the development of the first such technology and Motorola announced a similar, competing technology."


Reuters news agency reports that the first of an anticipated wave of Y2K worms and viruses has been discovered. The W32/Mypics.worm is passed along unbeknownst by unsuspecting e-mailers. It is designed to entice recipients to open the file and instructs infected computers to disable themselves.


Amazon crashes for forty minutes as a result of an “internal software mix-up.”

Apple Computer announces that slow holiday sales will contribute to its first quarterly operating loss in three years.


Apple launches iTunes in New Zealand.

"Version 1.2 of the Pandora FMS (Free Monitoring System) is released. It is a free set of programs, licensed under the GNU General Public License, that analyzes the status and performance of several parameters of various applications, hardware systems, operating systems, and servers, such as databases, firewalls, proxies, routers, or web servers. "


DNA records of 850,000 were wiped off the U.K's national database. These were people only suspects in old investigations. Michael Marper and "S" brought the case on after he found out he was still in the database after an investigation.

YouTube launches support for HD

Kara Spencer was brought up on diciplinary charges after she used her email to protest plans for a shorter fall semester at Michigan State. Email policy was set for "Authorized purposes". Political agendas is not authorized.


Microsoft launches Bing maps preview in 3D

Twitter partners with Deutsch Telecom to expand market in the UK

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