December 25

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Day in Tech History: Dec 25th

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Merry Christmas! 352 The first confirmed celebration of Christmas takes place.


The ARPANET crashes when a programming bug causes all ARPANET traffic to be routed through the server at Harvard University, causing the server to freeze.


The Christmas virus, the world’s first WAN virus, begins to effect computers. The virus draws a Christmas tree on the victim’s monitor and searches out other network users.


The first trial run of the World Wide Web takes place.


A hacker, initially believed to be Kevin Mitnick, allegedly hacks into the computer of security expert Tsutomu Shimomura and steals the Oki cell phone disassembler written by Shimomura. Later, a different, Israeli hacker is believed to be the hacker responsible. Shimomura responds by tracking Mitnick with New York Times reporter John Markoff to Raleigh, North Carolina. The events following the intrusion, including the eventual arrest of Kevin Mitnick will be recorded in the book Takedown.


The homepage of Rand J Trading is hacked by StarCracker. is hacked by Claire Danes.

The website of the Centerfold Alumni Association is hacked by StarCracker.

The website of MPM Software is hacked by StarCracker.

The website of Net 4 Christ Enterprises is hacked by Newport.


Version 1.8.1 of the Ruby programming language is released.

The Beagle 2 probe dissapears just before it's landing on Mars.


Version 1.8.2 of the Ruby programming language is released.


A Hacker puts out his own version of 3.02 of the PlayStation Portable software which allows games to be made and run from memory sticks.


Website is developed for those who lost their other mitten or glove.

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