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Day in Tech History: Dec 1st

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A telephone is first installed in The White House, in Washington, DC, by Alexander Graham Bell himself, for the use of President Rutherford B. Hayes administration.


The fourth interface message processor (IMP) is installed at the University of Utah.


"University of California Berkeley signs a contract with Western Electric to develop UNIX version 5, which will, in time, lead to the development of BSD UNIX."


"FidoNet holds a global referendum on a motion which would explicitly put the International FidoNet Association (IFNA) in complete control of the FidoNet network. The motion fails, and on January 8, 1990, Thom Henderson will announces a special meeting of the IFNA to begin dissolving the organization."


"Bandai Digital Entertainment introduces the @World entertainment system in the US. It features a 66MHz PowerPC 603 processor, 5MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM drive, 28.8kbps modem, Mac OS System 7.5.2 in 1 MB of RAM, and a controller with trackball and buttons. The system is based on Apple Computer’s Pippin technology. Price: US$499"


The servers of Secure Network System are hacked by “Magica de Bin”.

"Version 5.0, “Hurricane” of the Red Hat Linux operating system is released. "


The AbiWord Team first releases the AbiWord word processor for most personal computer platforms under a GNU General Public License. The application’s name comes from the Spanish word for “open,” “abierto.”


ISO C (C99) is released. The most expensive internet domain name in history,, is sold by “domain name investor” Marc Ostrofsky for a record-setting US$7.5 million to eCompanies. would be sold again in 2008 for US$345 million.

Microsoft announces plans to discontinue the “Modem BBS” option within LiveUpdate.


Lycos Europe releases a screen saver named “Make Love Not Spam” to help fight spam by keeping spam servers busy with requests. The service will be discontinued within days in the midst of controversy after Netcraft reports that it is responsible for a number of server crashes and internet service providers subsequently block access to the download site.


To fight terrorism, Moroco issues biometric ID cards to all citizens

Europe announces they will be constructing the Cybercrime alert system. Europol will be designing the system

The Twitter – rival Pownce, a program created by Kevin Rose was purchased by Six Apart. The company said they will be closing the website down on Dec. 15th.

Apple website says “You should install Anti-virus” on Mac computers. It was a comment on an old Blog. After the community picked up the quote, Apple changed the post.


Brian Guy says Disney accused his 11 year old son of hacking the Pirates of the Caribbean game.


On the TV show 60 Minutes, Jeff Bezos announced their testing out a Flying drone project - getting orders to you in 30 minutes or less

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