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Day in Tech History: Aug 5th


the first transatlantic cable was completed. The ship Niagra laid down 1,016 miles of telegraph cable, completing the west end.


Cleveland, Ohio, the first electric traffic light is installed by the American Traffic Signal Co


The first radio broadcast of a baseball game happened from Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field. KDKA broadcast as Harold W. Arlin announced the game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies.


Mariner 7 makes its closest fly-by of Mars at 3,524 kilometers


Dell Computer announces it will make a line of personal computers for retail sale via Staples stores in the USA. Hewlett-Packard introduces its first color image scanner, the HP Scanjet IIc 400 dpi color flatbed scanner. Price: Macintosh: US$1995 Others: US$2195.

Hewlett-Packard introduces the HP DeskWriter C300 dpi color printer for the Macintosh. Price: US$1095


Intel releases the 150MHz mobile Pentium processor, designed for use in portable computers. The processor uses 0.35 micron technology, and operates on 3.3 volts of power externally, while its internal core only requires 3.1 volts. Price: US$341


Apple Computer announces the Power Macintosh 8600 and 9600 systems, featuring 300 to 350MHz PowerPC 604e processors and the Mac OS 8 operating system. Price: US$3700 to US$5400


eMachines introduces the eOne personal computer, featuring a 433MHz Celeron processor, a built-in fifteen inch monitor, speakers, a 1.44 MB floppy disk drive, a CD-ROM drive, two USB ports, an Ethernet jack, a modem, a NTSC video-in port, 64MB SDRAM, and an ATI RagePro XL graphics card. The system closely resembles the Apple iMac, even going so far as to include a translucent blue case. The eOne is available exclusively at Circuit City. Price: US$799 - US$849

Version 1.07 of the HydraBBS is released.


The popular eDonkey filesharing network index site that will become known as ShareReactor in November 2001 goes online at by Gowenna. The site will be one of the most popular eDonkey indexes on the Internet until the Swiss police shut it down on March 10, 2004.


The Abilene Network (Internet2) backbone, the American academic backbone network, deploys native Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), a network layer protocol for packet-switched internetworks. The principal advantage of IPv6 is the increased number of ip addresses available for networked devices. IPv6 supports 2128 addresses (about 3.4×1038), or approximately 5×1028 addresses for each of the roughly 6.5 billion people on the planet. IPv4, the predecessor of the IPv6 protocal, only supports 232 (about 4.3 billion) addresses.

Apple Computer and OSF Research Institute releases version Pre-R2 of the MkLinux open source operating system. MkLinux is an effort to port Linux to the PowerPC platform. MkLinux is short for “Microkernel Linux,” which refers to the project’s adaptation of the Linux kernel to run as a server hosted atop the Mach microkernel. This is the first release of the system since the project was taken over by the community-led MkLinux Developers Association in the summer of 1998.


Version 1.0 of RookChat, an open source, full featured, and highly configurable HTTP/CGI chat room engine, is released. The project that created the application was begun by Samuel Stoddard.


Disney announces the Disney Dream Desk PC computer, featuring a 2.6 GHz processor, the Windows XP operating system, a CD-RW/DVD drive, mouse, keyboard, digital pen, an optional 14.1-inch LCD monitor with mouse ears, and optional printer. Price: US$599 Monitor: US$299


Steve Jobs made the “Oops” announcement after having problems with Mobile Me on on the launch of the iPhone 2.0. Some say that the program wasn’t ready to be released and was problematic from the start. The program has changed since then.

Hulu begins posting NBC TV content in 720p, as well as certain TV clips.

Yahoo’s shareholder board shows that it’s not happy with the direction of the company through a tally of votes at their shareholders meeting on Aug 1.

Yahoo offers an interface for other sites to use their music services.

Comcast purchases DailyCandy, a womans e-newsletter, for $125 million

AMD announces the 790GX chipset, targeted for ultra-enthusiast gamer, especially because it could be overclocked to 3 Ghz.

MySpace is awarded the ability to stream the Presidential Debate between Barack Obama and John McCain


Defcon Badges were hacked – But that is what the conference leaders wanted. The high-tech badges had hidden features that people could hack through.

Google sells it’s Radio Automation business to WideOrbit. Google also buys On2, a video compression codec


he Curiosity Rover successfully landed on the surface of Mars. It was one of the most complicated automated landings ever that involved a sky crane


Jeff Bezos acquires the Washington Post for $250 million

The first bovine stem cells lab-grown burger is eaten in London

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