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Day in Tech History: Aug 3rd


Lewis Kornfeld, president of Radio Shack, a division of Tandy Corporation, announces the TRS-80 (”Trash-80″) Model I microcomputer. The TRS-80, which is the first desktop computer, is based on the Z-80 8-bit microprocessor manufactured by Zilog, which cost Tandy less than US$150,000 to develop. It features 4KB RAM, expandable to 16K RAM, a 4KB ROM, expandable to 12K ROM, a 53-key keyboard, a twelve inch RCA video display, a Realistic CTR-41 cassette-based data recorder, a built-in BASIC interpreter, BlackJack and Backgammon. The computer uses the TRSDOS and CP/M operating systems. Several other programs are available for the system, including: the 12 Employees payroll application ($19.95), the Math I educational application ($19.95), and the Personal Finance finance application ($14.95). Over ten thousand orders will be taken for the system within the first month of its release. Price: Full System: US$599.95 Microcomputer: US$399.95 Monitor: US$199.95 Cassette Drive: US$49.95


The Fear and Loathing BBS out of Birmingham, Alabama is raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for pirating Novell and Quarterdeck products.

Apple releases the Newton handheld Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). President John Sculley backed this device as the future of Apple.


Apple Computer's PowerBook 5300Apple Computer discontinues production of the PowerBook 5300 line of laptop just short of one year after it’s release on August 25, 1995. The PowerBook 5300 featured a PowerPC 603e processor and 8MiB (expandable to 64 MiB) DRAM. Price: US$2,300 – US$6,800


Apple Computer begins accepting orders for the new iMac that will hit shelves Saturday, August 15.

The website of Polygenesis is hacked by “JiG-SaW”.


Yahoo!launches the Yahoo!Briefcase online file storage services.


The European Union (EU) opens an antitrust case against Microsoft for allegedly abusing its market position in computer operating systems software, after Sun Microsystems filed a complaint in 1998 with the European Commission alleging that “Microsoft breached EU antitrust rules by engaging in discriminatory licensing and by refusing to supply essential information on its Windows operating system.”

The PCI-SIG group votes unanimously to adopt Intel’s proposed 3GIO or “Arapahoe” specification to replace the PCI system bus in personal computers. The technology is expected to be six times faster than the current version of PCI. The specification will be adopted as “PCI 3.0″ in 2002, with the earliest computers available by mid-2003, and industry-wide adoption projected for 2004.


Tataye releases version 2.07 of the Beast Trojan, a windows based backdoor trojan horse, as freeware.


The Mozilla Corporation is established to handle the revenue-related operations of the Mozilla Foundation. As a non-profit, the Mozilla Foundation is limited in terms of the types and amounts of revenue. Upon its creation, the Mozilla Corporation took over several areas from the Mozilla Foundation, including coordination and integration of the development of Firefox and Thunderbird and the management of relationships with businesses.


PayPal went down for a couple hours as the site just started “Acting Up”.

Melissa Hathaway, the acting Cyberspace Chief, resigns for personal reasons

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