August 13

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Day in Tech History: August 13th

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The sci-fi film The War of the Worlds is released


The Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP) is founded.


Atari files a US$100 million suit in Santa Clara County Superior Court against the Amiga Corporation alleging a breach of contract. Atari charges that Amiga fraudulently dealt with other potential buyers after agreeing to negotiate licensing specific microprocessors to Atari Inc. in return for a US$500,000 advance payment. The tentative plans between Amiga and Atari incorporated state that Atari would purchase one million preferred shares of Amiga, a privately held company, at US$3 each by September 1st. Although Amiga had returned the US$500,000 advance by the end of June, Atari seeks damages as well as an injunction barring Amiga from delivering or selling chips except to Atari.


The International Fidonet Association (IFNA), files for a non-profit organization status.


Steve Ahola, Regional Coordinator for FidoNet EchoMail Region 16, commits suicide, partially over the prospect of losing his BBS and his RC position with it.


The DCE integration software for the Solaris Common Desktop Environment (CDE) is first released. Integrated CDE logins are necessary for the planned integration of the Intranet environment into the Computer Science Department Sparc Laboratory in early September.

Version 1.1 alpha 0 of the Ruby programming language is released.


The Bandai ecommerce site, AnimeVillage, goes online. It is the Bandai’s first attempt to sell anime in North America; however, AnimeVillage only offered subtitled VHS cassettes, despite the popularity of the DVD format and dubbed anime. Visit the site newly relaunched in 2006.


Apple Computer releases the Power Mac G4 line of personal computers featuring the PowerPC G4 (PPC74xx) series of microprocessors.


Apple Computer releases the 1 GHz Power Mac computer and the Mac OS 10.2, “Jaguar.”


Google releases version 2.0 of Google Search Toolbar, which includes several new features, including AutoFill, which completes web forms with information that’s saved securely on a user’s own computer, BlogThis, which makes posting links to weblogs quick and easy, and Pop-up Blocker, which blocks distracting pop-ups while users surf the web.


The Rooftop of Apple is burning – an HVAC system is to blame for the blaze that happened on the roof of Apples’ Cupertino campus – Valley Green 6 building.

Barack Obama becomes the most followed Twitter profile. He knocked out Kevin Rose from the top spot at 56,661. Kevin Rose was at 56,442. Barack currently has 1.9 million while Rose has 1.1. according to Twitterholic. (ashton is at 3 million)

5 Sheraton Inns will get the “Microsoft Surfaces” tables as a test

Datallegro – a warehouse application – had been sued by XPrime, where Cary Jardin (CEO of Datallegro) used to work. Datallegro was in mid acquisition by Microsoft at the time. The acquisition completed on Sept 16, 2008. The suit was analyzed by critics as “not relevant”. No word on how that ended.


Illinois signs a bill to law that bans sex offenders from using social networking sites. Within the definition, they cannot sign on to sites, or post comments on sites that use social networking discussion software.


Google cuts 4,000 jobs at Motorola Mobility


Apple Acquires - an iOS app where you could watch cable TV provider content (such as Comcast) along with Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and more. The iOS app was shut down back in May

Carl Icahn purchased 1 billion in Apple shares, jumping the stock up 4.75 percent.

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