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  • January 27 - Kevin Mitnick cracks into the WELL (Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link) community servers.
  • January 27 - The United States Attorney’s Office announces that it will not file an appeal of the dismissal of the case against David LaMacchia in the “Cynosure” BBS case.
  • April 5 - The Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN), is released to the Internet.
  • April 10 - The National DNA Database (NDNAD), is launched in the UK.
  • April 12 - Authorities carry out a large-scale crackdown on Canadians pirate boards, following nearly a year-long investigation: Bad Sector, Beyond Corruption, Jurrasic Park, and Wolf Pack among others.
  • April 14 - The Chinese government launches widespread efforts to purge governmental agencies of illegally copied software.
  • April 19 - The Assassin’s Guild BBS is seized by United States Marshals and Investigators from Microsoft and Novell.
  • April 20 - Commodore International sells its remaining assets to ESCOM for US$10 to US$12.5 million.
  • September 11 - Golle Cushing, aka “Alpha Bits”, is arrested for selling stolen credit card numbers and cell phone information.
  • September 11 - A US Secret Service sting operation called “Operation Cybersnare,” results in the arrest of six computer users and the seizure of at least twenty machines throughout several states.
  • September 20 - AT&T announces that it will be splitting into three companies over the next fifteen months.
  • September 20 - The Council's Committee on Computing, Information and Communications (CCIC) created the Federal Networking Council (FNC).
  • September 20 - Version 2.0 of the Red Hat Linux operating system is released.
  • October 24 - The Federal Networking Council (FNC) coin the term "Internet"
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