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April 12

Ronald Wayne, one of the founders of Apple Computer, leaves the company just eleven days after the company was established, relinquishing his ten percent share for US$800. In his short time working with co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Wayne illustrated the first Apple logo, wrote the company’s partnership agreement, and wrote the manual for the Apple I. He choose to leave the company because the partnership agreement imposed unlimited personal liability on all three co-founders, irregardless of which partner incurred the debt. According to the later book, Apple Confidential 2.0 by Owen Linzmayer, neither Jobs nor Wozniak were financially well-off, and Wayne realized that he “either was going bankrupt or the richest man in the cemetery.” By 1982, a ten percent share of Apple Computer will be worth US$1.5 billion. Read more about Ronald Wayne in an excerpt from Apple Confidential.

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