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Day in Tech History: Dec 2nd

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"The Naval Ordnance Research Calculator (NORC) is presented to the United States Navy at the Naval Surface Weapons Center in Dahlgren, Virginia by IBM . The machine was built at the Watson Scientific Computing Laboratory under the direction of Wallace Eckert. At the machine’s inauguration, John von Neumann gives the keynote speech and the machine calculates pi to 3,089 digit as a demonstration of its capabilities."


Barney Clark received the first artificial heart. The Jarvic 7 was surgically implanted and it kept him alive for 112 days (March 23, 1983).


Apple Computer releases its fi rst version of QuickTime as a multimedia add-on for System Software.


A US federal court rules that AMD does not have the right to use Intel’s 486 microcode in its microprocessors.

"The US Federal Trade Commission announces it is closing the case of its two-year investigation of Nintendo based on charges that the company has been conspiring to eliminate retail discounting of its popular home video games, with no further action being warranted."


"Robert and Carleen Thomas, the sysops of the Amateur Action Bulletin Board System of Milpitas, California, are sentenced to 37 and 30 months, respectively, in Memphis, Tennessee, where their California-based BBS was found to be in violation of Tennessee obscenity standards. The sysops have been scanning photos from sexually-explicit magazines and posting them for their members, who were charged a US$55 membership fee. Under federal sentencing rules, both are required to serve their full term. This is the first case of a BBS owner being prosecuted for the content of their BBS based on the standards of a community in a different state."


Delbert Yocam joins Borland International, Inc. as chairman.

Net Address launches as a new free e-mail address service for Internet users. The service provides new users an extension of “”.


"At the College of William and Mary in Willamsburg, Virginia, a thirty-six member Commission on Information Technology publicly endorses the Virginia Internet Policy Act, a piece of proposed legislation drafted by Virginia Governor James Gilmore that would make Internet “spam” illegal. The commission includes members such as Robert McDowell, a vice president at Microsoft“>Microsoft, Frank Bowers, vice president of Cox Communications, John Sidgmore, vice chairman of MCI-Worldcom, and Michael Daniels, chairman of Network Solutions. If passed, the seven part Act will address such issues as child pornography, consumer privacy, fraud, and spam. and it will be the first such legislation of its kind in the United States."

"Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc. files a countersuit against the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which had filed an application for a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent the sale of the Diamond’s Rio PMP300 with the Central District Court of California on October 8, 1998. According to the RIAA, the player, which stores and plays music obtained from the Internet, violates the 1992 Audio Home Recording Act because it circumvents the need to pay royalties to play the files. On October 26, the judge denied the RIAA’s application, but the case is ongoing."


"Apple announces that it has enhanced its entire Power Mac G4 line of computers to include the new ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics card to improve the system’s 3D graphics performance. In addition, the 350MHz configuration has been upgraded to the same architecture used in the 400MHz and 450MHz configurations, and it now includes a DVD-ROM drive, AGP graphics, and support for AirPort wireless networking with an optional US$99 card required."


"Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) confirms that 220996011-1 is prime number. With 6,320,430 digits, it is the largest known prime number and the fortieth known Mersenne prime, six of which have been discovered by GIMPS. Visit the official GIMPS website." Pirate copies of a pre-alpha version of Microsoft’s Windows “Longhorn” operating system go on sale in Malaysia for less than US$2 a copy more than a year ahead of its expected release date.


AT&T Officially announces it’s pulling all it’s Pay Phones and by the end of 2008, will be completely out.


Digg CEO Jay Adelson announce, after a lot of rumors, Digg is NOT for sale.

Nokia completes their acquisition of Symbian

US President George Bush signed the Child Safe Viewing Act – giving parents more control to choose which shows their kids can watch.

Apple removes the old statement on their site saying that users should install an antivirus software. Apple states that the program is safe “Out of the Box” –


General Services Administration became the first government agency to move into Google's cloud. They awarded a $6.7 million contract.

Google released Reader on Android


Apple buys Topsy - a social analytics firm - for $200 million

After multiple failures, is now ready to handle the heavy traffic of people looking for health care.

Nintendo 3DS adds the YouTube app

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